So it comes to this. Eagles-Giants III at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. This one's for the divisional playoffs.

The NFL so loves the City of Brotherly Love that they scheduled the game for 8:15 on a Saturday night to give the Eagles fans all day to drink. Talk about your "pre-gaming."

The PA Liquor Control Board chimed in by raising the price of more than 35% of its products by 4%, citing inflation.

If you're a Giants fan thinking of making the trip, don't. Tickets are going for thousands of dollars, and it's going to be freezing. Better you should stay home and drink your cheaper New Jersey booze in your nice warm place with the better food.

Although the Eagles fans travel well, which can be repeatedly seen by how they've been taking over MetLife stadium the last few years, including last Dec. 11 when the birds blew out the G-Men 48-22, I'm not expecting to see a lot of Giants fans making the trip.

So, how do you tell the Giants fans from the Eagles fans?

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (Photo: Tim Nwachuku, Getty Images)
Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts (Photo: Tim Nwachuku, Getty Images)

For one thing, Giants fans realize we're playing with house money, and will feel good no matter who wins the game. Eagles fans will be so frenzied that, should their team lose, you could make a fortune selling rocks and ropes with the Birds logo on the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Giants fans can relax and enjoy their four Super Bowl wins while the Eagles fans relive the "Philly Special" and watch "Invincible;" the story of an Eagles fan who walks out of a bar and makes the team. What's amazing is that the Eagles fan walked out of the bar. The sequel is called "Invisible"! It's about the defense.

Here are some other comparisons:

(Photo: Sarah Stier, Getty Images)
(Photo: Sarah Stier, Getty Images)

Giants fans are bigger
Chipps Cooney

Both have an enthusiastic fanbase with great, loyal fans. And both have an underbelly of savage thugs that need to be banned from their respective stadiums
Dante Mele

Prison record difference
Scott Soffen

How do you eat a Giant??? One Eagle at a time
Butch Budai

(Photo: Dustin Satloff, Getty Images)
(Photo: Dustin Satloff, Getty Images)

Eagles fans booed Santa, threw ice balls at a child, and have a jail in their stadium for obvious reasons. Giants fans are far more enlightened, mature and professional.
Jason VR

Giants fans celebrate 12 Championships, Eagle fans 4.
Mike Folk

Eagle fans are mentally ill
Jason Beyer

The jail at eagles stadium
Keith Carnevale

The number of teeth LOL
Steve Spielman

(Photo: Mithcell Leff, Getty Images)
(Photo: Mithcell Leff, Getty Images)

Giants fans are ascendant, enlightened, and noble beings, whose behavior and refinement are a beacon for the young and old alike. Ambassadors of grace and accomplishment. Eagles fans count jelly beans for fun.
Tim Aanensen

Eagles fans are obnoxious and rude and embrace it. Giants fans are obnoxious and rude but deny being that way.
Michael Beifeld

Giants fans will be pissed at the team when not doing well, Eagles fans seem to be pissed at everyone all of the time.
Teddy Maturo

Our team actually plays in the city it’s named after and we have mastered the art of Cheesesteaks. Wiz Wit, American Wit, Provolone Wit, it doesn’t matter what the cheese is!! (in the ROCK’s Voice) E-A-G-L-E-S!!! EAGLES!!
Kevin D. Hill

(Photo: Scott Taetsch, Getty Images)
(Photo: Scott Taetsch, Getty Images)

Bob Grover

Giants fans will give you the bird and eagles fans are Giant.
Matt Bridgestone

Giants fans don’t pee on you in the parking lot
Gary DeLena

The real question is, What is the difference between a giants hot dog and an eagles hot dog??? A: you can get an eagles hot dog in January
Mark Leotta

(Photo: Olio Creative, Unsplash, Canva)
(Photo: Olio Creative, Unsplash, Canva)

Eagles fans are full of horse sh*t…LITERALLY
Dori Toth

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