I was late in coming to the table with Bruce. Back when he was just arriving and Jon Landau had proclaimed him the future of rock and roll, I rediscovered my “cuzhine” roots and switched from ‘NEW to ‘BLS. And reclaimed my love for Gamble and Huff R and B. So I never got caught up in the Bruce mystique. Today, I get it, but I wonder, what with all the concerts he’s done, especially seeing is how he’s in concert at the Izod Center as I write this; can he be considered on the same level as Frank Sinatra?


I know…you’re thinking there must be something really really strong in my coffee to be saying that. Vocal wise…no...it’s like comparing a fine wine to battery acid. But seriously. Those who proclaim to be fans of Bruce have seen him multiple times. His latest album “Wrecking Ball” is another best seller; and there seems to be no end in sight for his popularity. He is as iconic a figure in music circles to my generational peers as Sinatra was to my parents’ generation,

And that’s not to say that Sinatra doesn’t transcend the generations, because he does, and has influenced a host of others along the way. But Bruce himself has left an indelible mark on contemporary music. So with that in mind, the following Posse Poll.