Help! The Beatles second film and first color movie is coming to Blu-ray. There will not only be a beefed up sound track but more than an hour of bonus material as well. The Help! DVD had been released as a box set and this will be a step up from that.


Help was made in 1965 as a follow “A Hard Days Night” The story focused on a ring that was placed on Ringo’s finger that marked him for death and the bands attempts to have it removed. The chase would take them from skiing in the Alps to sailing in Bermuda.


It also premiered the title track along with the classic “Ticket To Ride,” to the Nirvana-esque “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” as well as “You’re Gonna Lose That Girl”, "Another Girl” and “The Night Before.” You can view a trailer for Help! below.

What’s amazing about Help! Is that it stands the test of time. The music as well as the Beatles stage presence seems as fresh as if it were done yesterday. What’s also amazing is that when it was made in 1965, The Beatles were also touring and producing albums at a rapid pace. In fact between 1964 and 1966, the band would put out 5 albums, 2 feature films and 3 would tours! Imagine that!


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