Rolling Stone once dubbed "That Metal Show" as one of the 50 Best Reasons to watch TV when it ran on VH1 from 2008-2015. The show, which was hosted by Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson and Eddie Trunk, interviewed and showcased some of the greatest hard rock and metal acts of all time. They'll be coming live to First Energy Park this Friday night September 18.

Florentine, Jamieson and Trunk came on my show Wednesday night talked about their best memories of the show:

Florentine: "Well, just that we wiped out a whole network, the channel is gone, VH1 Classics. So, we caused so much damage that the channel blew up and it's no more. You might as well go out in flames."

Jamieson: "One of the funniest moments was when we had Marilyn Manson on. and he came in at 11 in the morning drinking absinthe straight out of the bottle. And at one point we had to start taping, so we told him "hey you gotta put that in a cup, you cant just be swigging from the bottle." So he asked a PA "could you bring me a cup," so she brings like a styrofoam coffee cup. He pours the absinthe into it and the cup completely disintegrates.

Trunk: "I gotta tell ya Steve, for me it was just doing the show with Don and Jim...the stuff that we said and joked about...we just had a lot of fun amongst us."

Their favorite guests:

Florentine: "You know I always liked when Zack Wild came in, he's a local Jersey boy so he was always good. You know, just busting chops. And also Lars [Ulrich] was great."

Trunk: "The people you can bust balls with, that don't take things too seriously, that you can tell them, 'hey what were you thinking with this record? That really sucked,' They're still fans and you can still be fans around them. People like Brian Johnson from AC/DC was amazing."

And where they see the future of metal going?

Trunk: Metal radio is kind of breaking music really isn't there really gotta be doing unique stuff to get some traction now because if you're just playing music, you can pretty much get that anywhere."

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