OCEAN CITY — "There is nothing wrong with the ride, whatsoever," according to Brian Hartley, who oversees day-to-day operations at Playland's Castaway Cove.

It's an assurance that Hartley has been repeating since a water-filled test dummy sprung a leak and slipped from the GaleForce roller coaster on Ocean City's boardwalk during a routine test run a week ago.

In this case, the dummy crashed onto the roof of condos near the ride, the Ebb Tide Suites. Hartley says some shingles and plywood were quickly replaced.

He said the "torso with shortened limbs" is designed much like a giant water balloon, as it only holds its shape while full.

water-filled test dummy (via NBC-10 Philadelphia)

For a first-person view of the ride in action, watch the CoasterForce video, below:

The GaleForce has been a highlight of the boardwalk's offerings for thrill-seekers ever since its launch nearly two years ago, during Memorial Day weekend 2017.

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