We all know that New Jersey is a diverse place that has many unique individuals. I decided to see how crazy the Garden State is when it comes to free stuff you can get on Craigslist.

After countless days of searching, I've compiled a Top Ten list of the most bizarre things people are giving away on Craigslist in New Jersey:

  • 1

    Chinchilla or Small Animal Cage

    If you're looking for a new home for your chinchilla, or other small animals, than look no further. The owners are in Bayville, and will gladly throw in chinchilla dust and food if you need it too!

  • 2

    Cassette Rap Tapes

    Looking for a new favorite rapper? The owner of these tapes are giving them away in Berlin, yet we have no idea who the rappers on the tapes are, or if anyone still has a cassette tape player.

  • 3

    Gas Can (with gas in it)

    We all could use a free gas can, especially if it has gas in it. Actually, the Toms River owner of the can isn't sure if it's pure gas or a mix. Surprise!

  • 4

    Used Medical Exam Table

    Looking to open up your own practice? Or maybe you just need some new interior decorating. Over in Bloomfield, you can grab yourself a used medical exam table, or perhaps two!

  • 5

    Sawdust, in bags

    If you're trying to get into woodworking, you can grab up to 32 free bags of sawdust in Port Richmond. Fair warning, the bags weigh about 150 pounds each.

  • 6

    Orange Crates

    Florida may be home to oranges, but you can get up to 3 free orange crates in Princeton.

  • 7

    Salt Water Testing Kit

    Got a salt water pool or fish tank? Then head over to Old Bridge and grab yourself a free salt water testing kit. Not sure if it works on salt water taffy.

  • 8

    Wooden Train Tunnel

    Over in Readington, you can get a solid wooden train tunnel for the model train collector in your life. That or some solid scrap wood

  • 9

    Backstreet Boys CD

    We all miss 90's boy bands, right? Grab a copy of Backstreet Boy's album "Millennium" to feel larger than life. Greg from Manalapan says it's never been played, but we find that kind of hard to believe.

  • 10

    Donkey Konga (with Bongos)

    Who doesn't love Donkey Kong? If you still happen to own a Nintendo GameCube, head over to Flemington to grab "Donkey Konga", free with a pair of bongo drums.