We have done whole hours with people reporting movie mistakes they caught. Some classic ones? Pulp Fiction, when a bullet hole appears in the wall over Samuel L. Jackson's shoulder BEFORE they are ever shot at in the famous Ezekial 25-17 scene. Braveheart, where a white van appears in the lower left corner of a battle scene. Gladiator, which has a shot of a chariot hitting a wall and tipping over only to reveal a gas canister in the back. Django Unchained, where Django wears sunglasses in many scenes of this movie set in 1858 even though sunglasses did not make their way to America until 1929. T3: Rise of the Machines when the number on John Connor's escape Cessna changes.

Well it turns out even Christmas movies are not immune to continuity mistakes. If you're a fan of the movie Elf, did you ever catch any? If not, you weren't looking hard enough. Check out this video and you'll never watch 'Elf' the same way again.

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