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One man's shark solution: "Send the wife in First"
Shark sightings off the New Jersey coastline have forced swimmers out of the water more than once already this summer, North Carolina's coast has been plagued by several shark attacks since June, and to top it off, it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.
Show us your New Jersey beach photos
Dennis was recently on vacation and took a couple of day trips to NJ's beaches.  Dennis couldn't believe how beautiful and picturesque the beaches were. Here are a couple of photos from Dennis' visit to Beach Haven below.
Now that Dennis has shared his photos, we want to see your …
State of the Shore
Although Superstorm Sandy left New Jersey beaches battered, much of the state's coast is stronger than ever going into summer 2014.
NJ's Best Beaches
It's the moment Jersey Shore communities have been waiting for: Results of an annual poll on the state's favorite beaches will be released Thursday afternoon in Asbury Park.
Dangerous Microplastics
Environmental advocates are concerned over the increased presence of a certain type of plastic on our beaches and in our oceans that could be damaging the food chain.

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