Football fans are superstitious. VERY superstitious. Whether it is wearing the same jersey as the last game or sitting in the same seat, fans do not want to be the proverbial jinx as to why, in their minds, their team lost a game. If your team is lucky enough to make it all the way to the Super Bowl, magnify that paranoia by 10!

I'm a die hard sports fan, I get it. I get superstitions. I've worn the same jersey, I've repeated the same pre-game rituals and I've definitely designated the "favorite seat" for game time. So when Bill Spadea called me into the studio to help with his wife Jodi's Super Bowl conundrum, I was more than understanding, I even came up with a solution!

Jodi is an enormous New England Patriots fan and Bill has predicted that the Patriots will win Super Bowl 51, if Jodi doesn't watch the game. Sounds crazy, right? But is it? Not so fast.

Since the last time the Patriots were in the Super Bowl, the Spadeas have moved. In their old home, Jodi had a special place where she stood to watch the games. Every time that Jodi stood in her special spot during the games, the Patriots won. Now that they have moved, there is no special spot any longer. What did Jodi do? In light of not having a special spot, Jodi decided she couldn't bear to watch the game and went to bed.

I know what you're thinking. "How could a super fan NOT watch their team in the playoffs?" It happens. Some fans, like Jodi, get so nervous, they can't even watch if they feel their good luck isn't there. It's really a "thing," folks.

In the middle of the discussion with Bill and Bob Williams, I suddenly had an idea. If the only thing stopping Jodi from watching the game is not being able to stand in her favorite spot, then there's an easy fix. I told Bill that all Jodi needs to do is to call the people who bought their old home and ask them to let her come over, stand in her old spot and watch the game. Problem solved!

Most non-sports fans have probably already stopped reading this or are thinking, "are you absolutely nuts?" Well, I may be crazy, but when it comes to sports, I'm an innovative thinker. There is no bigger game for football fans than the Super Bowl, so desperate times, call for desperate measures!

So what do you think? Did I come up with a great solution or am I just as crazy (if not worse) as Jodi for thinking that a fan can affect the outcome of a game for their favorite team?

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