Only in Jersey.

A stray cat hanging out at a marina in Carteret has become 'Marina Cat,' the subject of a children's book written by a guy who came across her. Jason Van Woeart had a summer job at the Carteret Marina as a dock attendant. A stray cat caught his attention and others'. Over time people tried to help her, getting her shots, having her spayed, etc. Someone even took her in but the life of a housecat was not in Marina Cat's DNA. She wouldn't have it. She preferred the adventurous life as a stray at the marina. And so it was.

It didn't end there for Jason however. Captivated by how everyone was drawn to this animal, he then noticed how the food he and other people would leave out for it at the docks wouldn't always end up in her belly. A hodgepodge of other critters grew to like the free grub. Jason has seen foxes, possums, raccoons and other beasts come along and devour it.

That's when he got the idea.

He wrote a children's book called The Adventures of Marina Cat: Who Ate My Food? You see, the cat was so chill about other animals finding her food source that he thought it was a great story about diversity and sharing. With a divided America, he thought about how his town of Carteret seems all about inclusion and acceptance. Getting kinda heavy here for a cat story? Not for Jason. He tells News12 New Jersey, "I just felt like it was something the world needed. Especially right now."

His book is available on Amazon and this kind-hearted guy is even donating a healthy portion (proceeds, not cat food) to animal charities.

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