With unemployment at its lowest in years, now is a great time to go looking for that first job. Or that part time job with the potential to advance. And maybe you ordinarily wouldn’t think of a job like this as a growth opportunity, but it is: Stop & Shop is hiring. And they are serious. They are looking to place over 500 people in their 60 stores in New Jersey.

The Purchase, a New York-based company, which has shops all over New Jersey, wants to help people advance within their company. They plan to hire 7 to 8 people per store in a variety of jobs but here’s what’s important: Stop & Shop is adamant that this is not just a part time job. It values its employees and will allow them to grow within the company if that’s what they want.

Stop and Shop is a company that likes to see its employees rise through the ranks. This is evidenced by the fact that Bob Yager, senior vice president of sales and operations, started with Stop & Shop 30 years ago as a part-time cashier. Of course you’ve got to have what it takes, put in the work and dedication and make yourself stand out. But if you’re looking for a part time job that could lead to a potential career, this could be the perfect job one for you.

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