Three New Jersey State Police troopers helped bring a new life into the Garden State last Sunday.

Troopers Nicholas Pellegrino, Vincent Caporrino, and Christopher Scarlett responded to a call for medical assistance at a home in Atlantic County.

On the way, they learned a woman was in active labor at her Buena Vista Township home.

When they got there, the woman said she felt like she was going to give birth at any moment. She was correct.

As Trooper Pelligrino helped the woman lay down and stay calm, Troopers Caporrino and Scarlett gathered clean towels.

The three helped deliver "a beautiful baby girl" and even cut the baby's umbilical cord.

All of this happened within minutes of arriving at the woman's home, and before an ambulance crew could arrive.

Once the EMS crew got there, they checked everyone out, and took the mom and her new infant daughter to Inspira Hospital in Vineland. State Police say the mom and baby are both doing well.

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