Starting this summer, the Motor Vehicle Commission is expected to roll out  what they say will be a very effective customer tool of renewing driver's licenses by mail.

NJ Driver's License (NJ DMV)

Residents born on or before Dec. 1, 1964 with licenses or other IDs expiring starting in July 2012 will be able to "skip the trip" to MVC offices, said MVC Chief Ray Martinez, during testimony at the Assembly Budget Comittee today in Trenton.

"The move is expected to eliminate one million customers from standing in line at motor vehicle agenices throughout the state" said Martinez.

He said the move, which will take place over the next several years, will make it easier for the state to transition to a stricter ID system as required by federal law.

Residents born after Dec. 1, 1964, will be subject to the law's enforcement date of Dec. 1, 2014.

"Our new mail renewal system will have an impact on security at the MVC. With the ability to offer mail renewals to a specific segment of the population, we will be able to better manage customer volume at our agenices as we begin the move to the new federal ID " said Martinez.