From the You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me Department:

Susan B. Fulton who heads up New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission is nominated for a job at the Pentagon. Yes, the Pentagon. From where wars are led and our nation defended.

Let that sink in a moment.

If she can do for the Department of Defense what she’s done for New Jersey’s motoring public, well, God help us all.

Fulton, an openly gay West Point grad, is nominated as an assistant defense secretary and took a lot of heat Thursday answering questions before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Seems she’s been fond of bashing Republicans and their conservative Christian allies.

Here’s one example:

Here’s another:

In challenging her, Republican Sen. Mike Rounds pointed out, “In the Department of Defense, we really do our best to try to keep inflammatory or partisan activities to a minimum. Your posts are pretty tough on Republicans. In fact, you go out of your way in many, many cases to really attack Republicans on a very personal level. This is concerning to me.”

Look, she gave a half-assed apology that was even lamer than Andrew Cuomo’s "come on, I’m Italian" garbage, but unless a Democrat turns on her in the Senate she’ll get the position.

But they’re not looking at what really matters here. Yeah, she’s had a big mouth. But her work at New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission qualifies her more for unemployment than it does for a Pentagon gig.

Is the way our MVC has been handled worthy of a promotion? I’d say it’s more worthy of being given until midnight to get out of town. This is the agency that didn’t have the foresight to know that after shutting down all branches for months during the pandemic re-opening without planning for the backlog was going to lead to a nightmare.

The nightmare came in the form of people camping out in parking lots all night, sleeping on the ground and sitting in lawn chairs like a homeless tent city. All this in hopes of being seen inside the next day and often turned away. The nightmare saw a lousy plan where now certain locations would handle things like licensing but others would handle things like registrations. More confusion and more aggravation.

Then there was the launch of diver licenses for illegals, knowing hundreds of thousands of people who previously didn’t qualify would be signing up, with absolutely no plan to increase their labor force to handle the surge. The result? Many teenagers who are actual citizens of the United States and did nothing wrong cannot find an appointment to take a test anywhere in New Jersey.

Oh yeah Susan B. Fulton, you indeed are a rockstar in the world of plodding, unthinking bureaucracy. Maybe if you spent less time with your panties in a bunch about political parties and more time figuring out how to end the nightmares that keep occurring at MVC under your watch we would all have gotten something for our fees other than frustration.

Now you want to do for the Pentagon what you did for New Jersey? Save those sleeping bags and lawn chairs from the MVC parking lots. We might just need them for our own refugee camp.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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