I've been talking NJ residents all over the state since the announcement of the proposed 23-cents-per-gallon gas tax hike. People are upset, they're down, it's just not good.

This morning, Republican Assembly Leader Jon Bramnick joined me on the show to defend his position on why he is behind the proposed gas tax hike. While the majority of Bramnick's defense was centered around the fact that the Republicans are the minority party, I believe that's a rallying point, not an excuse. "Count the votes, see where we are, send more help. That's what I'm asking for," Bramnick stated.

I believe the NJ GOP could've used this gas tax hike as a rallying cry and spoke up for all the hard working middle class residents who can't afford to pay more money. The fact that some, like Bramnick, are going along with this is uncontainable! Considering that doing away with the estate tax is really a win is a joke. Something that affects a small minority of residents is not a win. Neither is bragging that a decrease in the sales tax that comes out to less than a percent, is a plus for anyone either. nobody is buying it.

"My job as Minority Leader is to not simply be a cheerleader for a position that I will lose," Bramnick quipped.  While Bramnick can certainly belittle me all he wants, the fact of the matter is that this is about standing up on behalf of your constituents. It's something more Republicans should do, by the following the lead of those like Senators Jennifer Beck and Mike Doherty.

The Republicans should be drawing a line in the sand and standing strong with their constituents. Otherwise, they're just giving into the bullies that run this state like Governor Christie and Senate President Steve Sweeney.

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