Already with the strongest regulations in the nation, Jersey pet stores are following stringent guidelines to make sure the pets you purchase are from reputable and USDA compliant breeders.

Unlike rescue animals, pet store pets are well regulated and actually offer better protections for your pet.  I was joined by Jersey native Mike Bober who is from Tom River, heads up the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.  He represents the little guys who own pet stores throughout the Garden State.  Did you know that the pet industry is a $3.5 billion part of our economy?

Did you know that the industry employs more than 24.000 people?  The detractors would have you believe that it's big Washington lobbyists that want to hurt dogs and cats just to make a buck.  But the reality is far from the propaganda you hear under the banner of "Stop Puppy Mills."

Senator Lesniak's bill would tie pet sales into NJ to the USDA making inspection reports available on their website.  The only problem?  Th USDA has currently stopped posting so that mean Pet stores would not legally be able to buy pets to pass along to their customers.  This would have a devastating impact on a huge NJ industry.

Given that the Pet Purchase Protection Act is already in place and is the strongest pet protection act in the nation, why is Senator Lesniak targeting a vibrant small business industry with misinformation?

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