The Freedom From Religion Foundation is urging Clayton Borough to change its town seal because it has a cross and church, and the motto states "Great Place to Live and Play, Work and Pray."

Clayton's borough seal (
Clayton's borough seal (

I look at a case like this and it makes me so sick and tired of atheists who want to impose their atheism on the rest of us. If they don't believe, that's fine, they don't have to. But to ignore the history of the country and the fact that we were founded on the escape from religious persecution, and to interpret the Constitution as the protection from any exposure to religion is a gross misinterpretation of how the country was founded. It's wrong and it's extremely exhausting,

Now, the next step will be the eventual lawsuit that we know will happen at some point. Then the town is going to forced to spend money to defend themselves and their seal.

Princeton has yet to act on putting up a beam from the World trade Center because it has a cross carved in it from first-responders.  One atheist decided to sue and now the beam that was meant to honor those who lost their lives in such a tragic event sits covered because the town is afraid to have the beam put out for proper display.

At what point have we just gone completely off the deep end with being offended about things? The seal doesn't mean we're trying to convert everyone to Christianity, it's part of the rich history of the town. There's nothing wrong with a religious symbol. You don't have to strike all references to religion. There could be worse things happening in the world than references to religion or prayer.

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