Coach Bob Hurley joins me at 8am this morning.

Seems to me that being a small catholic school that can educate kids for half of the cost in state schools in some NJ cities, we should look at a funding plan to save them.

The cost at St. Anthony's is reported to be around $14000 per student. In a recent year, they had a 100% college acceptance rate. Compare that to some city schools graduating less than 3/4 of the kids and costing taxpayers $28,000 a kid. The school charges $6000 per student and then raises $8000.  The state investment in this school could be based on the graduation rate and could be applied to parochial and private schools state wide.

How much could this save in the budget?

We were fortunate to have Coach Hurley on this morning to talk about what the school means to the staff, to the many students who are graduates and to those in the community that attend St. Anthony's now.  "What we offer is a small, private school education. For $6,100 and the kids take advantage of the terrific teachers, small classes, isolation from neighborhoods, they're put in a place where there's no pressure from peers" Hurley stated.

Get more information on how you can help St. Anthony's school by visiting their Go Fund Me Page and see Coach Hurley's full interview below.

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