This might seem like an odd topic. But for how cute your little boys and girls look in their jeans and sassy message t-shirts, there’s also a lot to hate about kids’ clothing. Now there’s even more.

Before we get to that, think about how fast they grow out of them. About how much money you’ve spent over the years for clothing possibly worn only five times before the next growth spurt.

Oh, then there’s the gift clothing. We feel burdened to be almost psychotically aware of who gave what so that we can pressure ourselves to be certain they wear that exact outfit the very next time the kids see them.

Then there’s laundry. One load of kids’ laundry takes so much more time to sort through, fold, hang and put away. It’s all so small. Adult clothes fill a washing machine load with maybe 22 items. Kids’ clothes? Geez, it could be 150.

And those damn tiny socks. If you thought your adult-sized socks go on the lamb with one of a pair never to be seen again try kid-sized socks. I feel like I buy new socks as often as I’m buying paper towels.

Think I’m wrong that there’s not a ton to hate about kids’ clothing? SNL understood the assignment a few years ago with their hot take on kids’ holiday fashion.

So what’s new to hate?

A store called Borobabi whose mission it is to save the earth by selling sustainable children’s clothing. 

“We recycle and compost our brands to avoid the harms of landfilling, because it’s our mission to ensure the health of our planet for generations to come,” Borobabi’s CEO Carolyn Butler said.

They just opened their second New Jersey location at 80 East Ridgewood Avenue in Ridgewood. Their first was in March in Mall at Short Hills. You’ll find babies’ clothing 0 to 24 months and toddlers’ clothing 2 to 6 years. (6 years old is still considered a toddler?)

The store allows parents to return gently used items for in-store credit and future discounts. Then they’ll make those items available as per-owned.

Their website boasts “natural and ethical” clothes. And good for them. I’m sure their stuff is great. I hope they do well. But that’s what some of us will hate, the whole idea that if you buy your clothes elsewhere you’re not doing your part to save the planet. I know saving the planet is very in right now. But the planet is a very big place and we’re each just one person trying to get through each day. Getting through each day with the pressure of little kids is just even more of a lot. I feel we have virtue signaling coming from all sides these days.

Now we have it in our kids’ clothes.

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