Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson will no longer allow cars through its Wild Safari after September 30 and the future of that part of the park is yet to be announced.

Six Flags Wild Safari

"Six Flags Wild Safari will discontinue allowing guests to drive their own vehicles through its gates on September 30, 2012," posted the park on its Facebook page.  Kristin Siebeneicher, a spokeswoman for the park, would not say whether or not the safari was closing permanently.  She said Six Flags will make an announcement about its new planned attractions for 2013 on August 30 for not only Great Adventure but all 19 of its parks across the country.




The Wild Safari is described as the world’s largest drive-through safari outside of Africa, the 350-acre animal sanctuary is home to 1,200 animals from six continents. It has operated since 1974 when Six Flags first opened.

Siebeneicher said they wanted to let customers take one more ride through the safari in recognition of the Wild Safari's long history.They  will be able to ride a bus or drive themselves.

“Six Flags Wild Safari has been an institution for many families whose first glimpse of exotic animals was with their faces pressed up against a car window. That chapter of our history is now drawing to a close,” said Safari Director and Chief Veterinarian Bill Rives.

As for the fate of the animal population of the Safari, “Animal preservation and education has been a cornerstone of Six Flags Great Adventure since we opened our gates in 1974,” said Park President John Fitzgerald. “While significant changes are on our horizon, our veterinary and animal husbandry staff will continue to provide excellent care for the more than 70 species of exotic and domestic animals that live here at Six Flags.”

Listen to Tom Mongelli"s conversation with Kristin Siebeneicher



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