Before you know it, the Summer season will be here. The Six Flags Theme Parks in Jackson Township are getting ready with some exciting new thrill rides at Great Adventure and Hurricane Harbor.

One in particular is sure to delight and fright at the same time.

King Cobra is being promoted as an intense and visually-stunning, racing tube water slide. It is expected to make its debut during the month of June. It's promising to be one of the most unique and extreme riding experiences in the country while also delivering great spectator appeal. The ride, which has yet to be built, will feature bold orange, black and yellow scales to resemble a massive cobra on both the inside and outside. The slide tower is about five stories high and you'll be sent down in your tube at 30 - 35 miles per hour.

The big heart pounding finish? You'll take a 25 foot plunge at a 50 degree angle into the snake's mouth as his sharp teeth drip water on you.

Six Flags Communications Director Kristin Siebeneicher says "it's so new and fresh. No other water slide in the US is designed like this. Most slides are the same kind of layout. This is totally out of the box and will guarantee to please. We will have a height limit but are expecting most ages to be able to enjoy it."

King Cobra is manufactured by Polin, a world leader in the aquatic industry with its innovative design, manufacturing and installation of water parks in 80 countries around the globe. King Cobra marks Polin's first major U.S. installation in the company's 35-year history.

The company plans to hold a groundbreaking ceremony in the next month or so and construction is expected to last a few months.

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