Should Spadea buy a flamethrower? It's a fair question, right?

I already have several "weed torche,s" which have been effective over the past several seasons keeping weeds from my stone walkway and patio. The go-to torch is more of a handheld "wand" using small handheld propane tanks.

I've never used it to clear snow and ice, thinking that I'd rather shovel and get a workout. Then the family headed to New England to enjoy the winter weather and ski along with other families who decided to leave during remote learning and lockdown to have a normal winter. That's when the snow came.

Multiple snowstorms piling more than a foot of snow throughout the state. The kids had a bit of entertainment watching their Dad on the security cameras around my house capture me shoveling away and taking more than a few breaks. So they bought me a snowblower. It's awesome and cut my driveway clearing time from 2-3 hours down to about 45 minutes.

Here's the problem: the ice. I've got several inches of ice that needs clearing before the spring. So, thinking about deploying the weed torch or graduate to something bigger and more powerful? The Elon Musk "not a flamethrower" woulda been nice, but too late.

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