Having worked in retail at one point in my life, I can tell you that many of them have some unique ways to announce on the intercom. Some people have very clear voices, while others sound like a mumbling mess.

Prior to my getting into media, my full-time career was in retail. And much like my media career, I've worn plenty of hats while climbing through the ranks.

For the majority of the time, I didn't have a need to use the store intercom. Sure there were exceptions, but by and large I was a behind-the-scenes kind of associate.

That changed, however, when I entered a sole customer service leadership role. It wasn't something I necessarily sought out, it just kind of happened.

From there on out, I would be using the intercom quite a lot. And I have to tell you, everyone knew when it was me.

Not only did I talk like an announcer while paging or making announcements, but I was also very loud at it.

So loud, in fact, that I probably could've gotten away with not using the intercom at all. And for as many who loved how I sounded, others couldn't stand my volume.

Anyway, as I continued in that role, I also learned about many of the secret codes we used. More specifically, the color codes and what they meant.

I also learned that when these were used, some customers got nervous that something bad was happening. But to be honest? Not every code is an indicator of danger.

And in case you ever wondered what those codes mean, here's a quick preview of the codes one New Jersey retailer uses. And although there are other, less serious codes, this particular list just focuses on emergencies.

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