There’s an election coming up in July. On July 7th, voters will go to the polls to pick the candidate they want to see compete in the general election on November 3rd. This is certainly a different year with all in-person voting being through provisional ballots. This as a result of the Democrats push to have all voting be done by mail.

You’ve heard my story about how I received three mail-in voter applications to my home, none for me or my family and one name who I know is dead. But the media and the Democrats will tell you that voter fraud is a fantasy and a lie cooked up by Donald Trump. Good grief. But the fight continues. That said, do you want to hear from local primary candidates?

For the past few years, I’ve given candidates airtime on the show leading up to the election. This year, I want to ask you what you think. Should we open the lines for candidates? Or should we just let the primary go and put the burden on the candidates to get their message to you?

Sadly with the COVID-craziness, some basic marketing and free speech have been wrecked out of fear and misinformation. Nothing beats a candidate with the guts to knock on your door, shake your hand and ask for your vote. But the lying politicians who run our state are making sure you can’t participate in any normal way.

So what do you say? Let ’em call or not? If you vote YES, I’ll dedicate a couple shows for candidates to have an open line. If you vote NO, then we’re gonna wait till September.

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