Driving in The Garden State isn't always a picnic. Oftentimes we have to deal with aggressive drivers who are in a rush to get nowhere.

And if it's not those drivers, the opposite might occur. Those in particular who crawl on the roads and think every moment of every day is like a casual Sunday picnic.

Then, of course, there are the ones that cut us off for no reason. No matter where you drive in this state, you're sure to come across a motorist who does nothing but irritate others.

This is why it's hard to believe that some New Jersey motorists actually did something right. Not only that, but they seemed to all know what to do and worked together very efficiently.

Before I tell you what I specifically experienced on The Garden State Parkway, let's first check out this take on merging as it relates to what happened on the GSP one morning.

A message to NJ drivers that try to block others from merging

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Road sign / merge ahead

Notice the zipper merge was mentioned? That's what motorists were doing on the Garden State Parkway.

It was in a construction zone by exit 105 in the local lanes. The left lane was closed up ahead due to construction and the traffic flow was moving fast approaching the lane closure.

But nobody was slowing down before the merge, nor were they jumping into the next lane over. Instead, both lanes maintained speed and did a proper zipper merge.

It was the first time ever I experienced that on any New Jersey highway, and it was wonderful. No backups or anything, just a smooth and efficient ride through the work area.

Road construction sign.

Even at the point a little further up where an onramp was coming in, cars on the GSP were properly spaced out to allow for merging vehicles. A very rare instance where all those drivers deserve kudos for their skills.

I'm sure it was just a rare moment, but I really hope more New Jersey drivers would use the zipper merge. It's much more efficient, and safer, and minimizes delays.

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The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 Sunday morning host Mike Brant. Any opinions expressed are his own.

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