Middlesex County officials ignored an ICE detainer order and released about 16 dangerous illegal alien criminals without holding them for the federal agency for processing. The county and the Governor aspire to be a 'sanctuary' for illegals who've committed crimes here in New Jersey without holding them accountable for the federal crime they committed first by being here illegally.

These people weren't in the county jail for parking tickets. Some of them were facing serious charges of criminal sexual contact, battery, and domestic violence assault. ICE has been vilified in recent weeks by activists and yes, even our own elected officials, for enforcing the laws! If any of these pandering idiot politicians like Governor Murphy or Senator Corey Booker want to tell me what laws I can break that they will give me sanctuary for, I'd love to hear them. Maybe I can skip paying my federal taxes next year and when the IRS comes for me, they can give me warning or protection.

I'm all for legal immigration. I'm a product of it. But when elected officials start protecting and glorifying people who break the law, chaos is sure to follow. Over the years, I've heard from hundreds of divorced dads who say Middlesex County is one of the worst counties in the state in which to go into family court. If county officials want to show some compassion, maybe they can be a little more humane and understanding to its own citizens whose taxes pay their salaries before pandering for future votes of people who broke the law to get in here!

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