🚗 NJ lawmaker's bill requires DOT to provide pothole data in its annual report

🚗 Under current law, no information about potholes is required in the report

🚗 NJ ranks among the worst states for potholes

It’s no secret that New Jersey is ranked among the worst states in the country for potholes.

That means not only are the roads littered with them, but residents are constantly hitting them, damaging their vehicles, and filing claims with the state.

“It costs us a tremendous amount of money in having to pay for the claims and investigate the claims from people that are continually damaging their cars,” state Sen. Anthony Bucco, R-Morris, said.

He said if New Jersey roadways are not safe and passable, then that is an issue. The state must begin to get an analysis of how many potholes are out there, what state highways are they on, what is the cost to repair these potholes, and what is the cost associated with claims filed by people who are hitting these potholes, Bucco said.

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He has introduced legislation that would require the state Department of Transportation to begin providing information about potholes on state roads in their annual Roadway Pavement System report.

“If you don’t have that information handy, you can’t make informed decisions about how you address the problem. If we continue to keep our heads in the sand, we’ll continue to be last in the nation in terms of the condition of our roadways,” Bucco said.

Under current law, the state DOT is required to provide an annual report to the governor and legislature on New Jersey’s Roadway Pavement System. However, the DOT is not required to specifically identify the work and damage associated with potholes.

Bucco’s bill would require the DOT to begin including information about pothole repair projects and their cost in their annual report.

“Because of the climate we have in New Jersey, our roads are susceptible to these potholes. So, it’s important we get a handle on how we handle the problem, and how we address this issue. This is one step in that direction to be able to provide more safer roadways for our residents,” Bucco said.

The legislation was approved by the Senate Transportation Committee.

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