It was great to chat with my friend and former Chasing News colleague Ronica Clearly this morning.  She's now the White House correspondent for Fox 5 in Washington DC.  Over the past few months she's developed a strong presence in the White House Briefing room having numerous exchanges with the nor former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.  Politics aside, I'm a Spicer fan as he has a reputation as a decent guy...OK my mother-in-law coached him in Little League in Rhode Island!  You know I have a soft spot for any New England connection.

Ronica shared her experiences as a Jersey girl in DC.  She discussed the changes with cameras being removed and having to record her interviews outside the room telling me that the media certainly has to take some blame for the White House decision. When I asked her how she's gonna get in front of the next press White House spokesperson, she basically said she'll rely on her Jersey upbringing and experience.  Yup, you can take the girl out of Jersey, but you certainly can't take the Jersey out of the girl.

We'll check in with Ronica periodical to see what's happening in the press room and how it may impact life in the Garden State. Be sure to check out the full interview above.

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