The far-left radicals are at it again. This time they've decided to spread misinformation and fear in an attempt to close the pet stores across our state.

As you know, I work closely with the Pet Center in Old Bridge. Owner Tom Gallo and his incredible family love animals and have created a wonderful business helping people and animals. Tom called the show to explain his concern and opposition to the proposal in the New Jersey Legislature to ban the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits from pet stores.

Jeff, the head of the NJ Coalition for Responsible Pet Stores, called in as well and explained some of the facts that are completely left out by the lobbyists from the humane society. He shared that 97% of the dogs sold/adopted in New Jersey already come from rescues. And that there are no standards and regulations on business practices covering rescues.

Stephanie in Hoboken owns a pet store and called to talk about scams. Better Business Bureau estimates that 80% of online pet sales are scams. Her example was a customer who saw a "Teacup Yorkie" on sale for $800. Given that the breed can cost as much as $5,000 for a puppy, she concluded that it was most likely a scam.

Pet stores are regulated and you have some guarantees regarding the well-being of the animals. No such guarantees exist in the rescue world.

I'm all in favor of rescuing animals. We've done it, it's rewarding and positive. With the challenge so many people have met the criteria set by some rescues and the influx of thousands of animals from out of state, it's no wonder why many shelters are overrun.

The solution is not to attack a well-regulated industry that caters to consumer choice, animal safety, and our local economy. Specific pets for special needs kids, people with allergies, and lifestyles all matter to consumers. To eliminate those choices, the solution is to regulate and establish standard best practices for our municipal and private shelters.

Time to get the entire pet world on the same page in New Jersey.

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