Yes, the disappointing season for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights is almost at the end of the painful journey, which has seen the team scrape together only one win so far. And given the remaining schedule, which includes Michigan and Penn State, it's likely that win will be all they get this year.

One fan, former NJ 101.5 staffer and regular fill-in producer Tommy Farrell, who now works at NFL Films, bet with his heart. It's a good takeaway for all of us. When you look at an impossible situation and then put money behind the most unlikely scenario possible, you're probably gonna lose.

Tommy bet me breakfast for the morning crew against his appearance on our #SpeakingPodcast. The bet? Over/Under on six wins by the Scarlet Knights. Yes, I bet the under and no, it had nothing to do with my aggravation that Rutgers gets a billion dollars a year from the taxpayers. This was strictly football and the team is simply over-matched in the Big Ten.

So Tommy's mom's homemade bacon-stuffed meatloaf will be served up on a morning show coming soon. Did you expect anything else for breakfast?

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