The song from Frozen, "Let It Go", made famous by Idina Menzel (or as John Travolta would say Adelle Dazeem), has become a viral sensation being sung by a Rutgers student. What you have to know about Grace Lee is, she's quiet. She's studious. She was born in South Korea, spent her elementary years in Ft. Lee, spent her high school years in Plainsboro. She's a quiet, hard worker who can usually be found studying. But when she walks up to the microphone a voice leaps out of her that does nothing but grow and grow more impressive as this song goes on. She's entered in a YouTube contest for best cover of this song and with over 4 million views already, I'd say she has a shot. She's a Rutgers girl, so hey you have to support Grace Lee! (Or as John Travolta would say, LaGelle Gazeem)