I applaud Rutgers decision to keep the 100,000 dollars donated by disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein. As far as I'm concerned a donation is a donation and if we're going to look into the background of everyone who ever gave money to schools or charities, a lot of them are going to go broke writing refund checks.

Weinstein apparently used his producer power to lure actresses to his casting couch like an old Hollywood movie producer would. Weinstein's money however didn't do anything and can be used as Rutgers says for the Gloria Steinham Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies to help women. I don't care if they buy everyone lunch from the grease trucks. It's their money, they can do whatever they want with it.

Since there is a gubernatorial race, the candidates are weighing in with Phil Murphy is urging those in his democratic party to reject any Weinstein monetary contributions. Should people also be rejecting any contributions made by former President Bill Clinton?  Just sayin'.

Kim Guadagno has accused Murphy on twitter of arranging a secret meeting with Weinstein last August and continuing to accept money from him. I would have no problem if he did. In the world of politics like anything else, you gotta do what you gotta do and you know that here in New Jersey, no one does it better. Where else can you actually bet on whether Senator Bob Menendez is corrupt?

The University of Southern California, meanwhile, is declining a five million dollar Weinstein donation toward a scholarship program for female film makers. So women there cannot benefit from the earnings a man who took advantage of women. That to me seems much more wrong than accepting it. Maybe they should give it to Rutgers.

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