Sometimes, drivers need to learn to keep their eyes on the road. Is that asking for too much?

Perhaps that question is just silly to even mention in the first place. With all the illogical things drivers do in The Garden State, you would think keeping their eyes on the road and not getting distracted would need to go without saying.

It's bad enough we get distracted by a driver who got pulled over. Yes, we should slow down and move over for the safety of everyone, but it doesn't mean coming to a near halt.

Especially if whoever got pulled over was on the opposing side of the highway. Honestly, there's no reason for anyone to almost come to a stop just so they can look and see what's going on.

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Pass the area safely and stay focused on the road. It's really that simple. Or at least, it should be.

All it takes is one or two drivers to be curious to cause a rubbernecking backup. An all too common occurrence across the highways of New Jersey.

Unfortunately, it's not just drivers who get pulled over that become a focal point for rubbernecking issues. Sometimes, it's certain everyday activities that people must slow down to stare at.

Garden State Parkway sign
Garden State Parkway sign (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

Take this situation on the Garden State Parkway. It was somewhere around the Holmdel area (exit 114) where this occurred.

While traveling northbound in the local lanes, the traffic suddenly slowed down in all lanes. At first, one might think it's simply due to heavier volume up ahead, or an accident.

It was like that for probably no more than a half mile, so not too long. But it's what appeared to cause the slowdown that makes you scratch your head.


There were no police cars or emergency vehicles anywhere, nor was anyone pulled over. But there was something going on up along the right side of the highway.

Pulled off of the shoulder and onto the grass was a maintenance truck with amber lights flashing. And up on the hill was a ride-on mower.

Yes, the rubbernecking appeared to be because someone was so fascinated by the grass being cut that they just had to slow down and take a better look. Maybe I'm missing something, but the last time I checked grass mowing wasn't all that exciting to watch.

Ride on grass mower

And the moment traffic got to that point it began to move freely in all lanes once again. Back up to (err, exceeding) the good old speed limit of 65 M.P.H.

Honestly, though, should we be surprised that someone mowing grass was responsible for distracting a driver on a major highway? Just as surprising as someone causing a rubbernecking delay because they saw a cute bunny on the side of the road.

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