Did you know that Rick Springfield burst onto the music scene in the 1970s? I am reading his candid, tell-all-autobiography called "Late, Late At Night."

The book title comes from a line in "Jessie's Girl," the biggest hit in Rick Springfield's recording career (#1 for 2 weeks/1981).  This song, one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits" is writtien about a couple that Rick meets in a stained glass class that he is taking! It starts out as "Gary's Girl," but in Rick's words "it doesn't have enough of a rock-and-roll ring to it," so he renames it after the Los Angeles Rams' Ron Jessie T-shirt that he is wearing at that time! You can't make this stuff up!

Rick talks about his early life in Australia, as Richard Springthorpe (he was almost named Howard...but his dad said: "Howard rhymes with coward").  And, the life-long depression  ("my darkness") that he suffers from, which causes him to attempt suicide in his teens. Heading to America to chase his dreams of musical stardom. Hitting it big with "Speak To The Sky" in 1972, and then picking up small acting gigs, and playing cover songs in bars through the rest of the 1970s, hoping for his "comeback."

Out of the blue, a struggling RCA Records wants to hear some demos.  "Working Class Dog" is the result. While the album is being recorded (1980), during "off hours" (overnight) because its cheaper, Rick gets a call to audition for "General Hospital," a network TV soap opera, which he has never heard of. Getting the part of "Dr. Noah Drake" gives him the financial stability he knows that he desperately needs, in case the album "flops."

Within a year, the album and the soap opera hit critical mass, simultaneously. Rick Springfield's "comeback" is greater than he could ever dream!

And this is just a small sample of what you learn in this revealing autobiography. Rick Springfield's inner thoughts and dreams, demons, and philosophies...like: "What's the point of getting a tattoo that only people you have sex with can see?"

The writing style is breezy and conversational. This memoir is loaded with humorous asides. Its a quick and fun read! Warning: if a bit of blue language turns you off, be aware that a hell and damn quotient (and more) is in full effect. Like I said, its candid and conversational...

Bottom line: If you've ever wanted to live the rock and roll lifestyle vicariously...Sex, Drugs & Rock And Roll...Rick Springfield takes you there, in "Late, Late At Night."  Its also a very "positive" book, as Rick has worked hard to conquer his inner demons. He has overcome infidelity, and has been married since the mid 1980s, and has two sons (which he took time off from his career to raise).

As an added bonus, call our buddy Matt Ryan (tonight) on "Saturday Night Jersey '80s!" Ask Matt what "Dr. Noah Drake" is like! Matt met Rick Springfield at the State Theatre last summer...