Everybody should have the opportunity to make more money, right? This is America after all, but what if the government forces employers to pay more? Who picks up the cost? The answer? The very people the wage law is intended to help.

Aside from documented job losses in states and cities, which have moved the minimum wage to $15 an hour as NJ's new law is doing, there is the unintended consequence of higher costs. The state of New Jersey, specifically Governor Phil Murphy, is increasing subsidies to some families in order to help with the rising cost of child care. Of course, child care cost will go up for most, but only a few families will get the government handout.

In addition to that, the new budget will have tens of millions of dollars in wage increases costing the taxpayers even more. The answer for NJ taxpayers and working families is to repeal the law.

If the good intentions of giving people a forced raise result in higher public spending so the same people can afford to take care of their kids, then the law itself is a disaster. How about we repeal minimum wage and offer businesses incentives to hire more NJ workers? Let's create opportunity, prosperity and increased government revenue through economic success instead of using failed socialist policies of vilifying employers and redistributing the wealth of the middle class.

One voice of reason on this issue is Senator Declan O'Scanlon. Here's what he had to say on the show.

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