Another deal in Trenton. Another "compromise" between top Democrats who run the state virtually unchallenged by the Republican minority. Another day and of course, another tax. They say on millionaires, but what they don’t tell you is how many tens of thousands of small businesses in NJ file as individuals and will be hit hard. And if you make less than 150k, $500 back to you, thanks for nothing, the gas tax, tolls and fee increases just about wipe that out.

So the bottom line? Jersey becomes less affordable...again.  The question is how much more are you gonna take? Will you vote against Murphy and every down ballot Democrat (and Republican incumbent who in many cases are just as bad) and vote for change? Or are you so fed up that you’re leaving?

If you support the increased cost of living and taxes because of the benefits of living in NJ then who do you expect to pay for all of this when people with the means and ability to leave are doing just that? I spoke to a former Democratic councilman Peter Brown on Thursday about what really needs to be done in the Garden State. The bottom line? Focus on all of the things hurting families. COVID has passed, it’s time to recognize that reality and start to act in the best interest of all New Jerseyans.

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