We received this email from a listener and wanted to pass along some information for those who are still trying to fight the good fight of ridding NJ of those dreaded red light "scameras."

Help Rid NJ of Red Light Cameras
Flickr User ASurroca

A new Facebook page titled "Stop the Red Light Cameras - Middlesex County" has been created as another way to get the word about the movement here in NJ to do away with the cameras.

If you have a Facebook page, make sure to "like" the page to keep up with the latest information they post on red light cameras in NJ.

Just in case you think NJ is the only one fighting the good fight against having red light cameras in their area, there is also a story out there from Texas, where residents are fighting to have their say in whether red light cameras stay or go.

What do you think? After all this time, is it time for red light cameras to stay or go in NJ? Leave your comments below.

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