For five straight years, a study by United Van Lines says that New Jersey is the state most abandoned in all of the country, meaning the biggest percentage of out-of-state moves that it does are from New Jersey - 63 percent to be specific.

We've spoken to so many listeners who have moved out of Jersey over the years that it was difficult to even begin a list of reasons, but here are some things we came up with, just to name a few:

1. Property Taxes (obviously): When you talk to family and friends from out of town and realize that they are paying in a year what you're paying in a month for your property taxes, it's hard to think of not booking the next airplane or moving van out of here.

2. Corruption: The only state in the country that allows the kind of double dipping and other public employment shenanigans that we do here in the state.

3. Overregulation: Especially for small businesses, it's difficult to get anything done in a state where there's a rule and a fee for everything and almost everything is illegal.

4. Tolls: We're always shocked that something that was supposed to be a temporary at monetary infusion just to build the roads, now stays around just to sustain itself. All New Jerseyans thank their lucky stars that they don't have to pay a toll to leave their driveways in the morning.

5. Beach tags: Because name ONE other state that charges you to walk onto its sand. As if it owns the sand!

6. Traffic: Bad roads, potholes, jughandles, circles, population density. These all add up to one of the worst road systems to navigate in all of the 50 states.

7. Gas pumps: We are not trusted to operate them on our own. Need we say more?
While it's true that many of the people who blow out of here every year for greener and cheaper pastures miss it enough to come back eventually, most do not. Sadly, that adds up to a huge brain/money drain that only creates more of a problem for those of us who are left behind.

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