Bill and Barbara Doughten are an elderly Ocean City couple who’ve lived in the same home for decades.

Because they’re not well and to afford Mr. Doughten easy access to and from his house, he has taken to parking his car on the lawn in front of his home.

And while neighbors don’t seem to mind much, this caught the attention of a realtor who sent the couple an anonymous handwritten note telling them how it hindered the sale of million dollar homes in the area.

“I’m trying to sell million dollar homes in the neighborhood,” it reads. “I drive my clients around and they see your car parked sideways on the front lawn! You have a driveway – use it!”

One of the Doughtens’ granddaughters, Stephanie Powley, responded to the missive in a Facebook post that has been shared more than 750 times.

“Did you take a moment to wonder why my grandfather parks in that lot?” Powley wrote. “Did it cross your mind that he may do it to be closer to his front door? Did you even take ONE second to consider your inconsiderate, ignorant actions before you scribbled your frustration on that piece of printer paper?”

Powley called the letter “unprofessional, anonymous and contemptuous” and said whoever mailed it left no return address, “like only a true coward would.”

“My grandparents have lived in Ocean City for longer than I'm sure you've been alive – and then some,” Powley wrote in her retort. “They are loved and treated with respect by all of their surrounding neighbors – who all know why they park the way they park.”

Real estate agent Jeff Quintin, of Berkshire-Hathaway Fox & Roach Realtors, told NBC10 he found the letter “a little disturbing.”
“I think the realtor who wrote that is probably regretting that he did,” Quintin said. “I think it’s a very negative vibe for us.”

If I were a realtor and had seen a car parked on a lawn, I probably would have thought the same.

That is – “why is there a car parked on a lawn in front of a house?” The question as to “why?” doesn’t automatically cross your mind.

Unless you see a handicapped ramp in front of the steps, you’d assume the car belonged to someone too lazy to park in the street.

But sending an anonymous letter to the home of the couple is the height of unprofessionalism.

It might have behooved the realtor to just leave well enough alone?