JACKSON — The Rahway fire chief who was accused of being so drunk in a DWI stop that he urinated and vomited on himself has been relieved of his duties.

William R. Young, 60, will also retire next month — earlier than planned.

In a video obtained by New Jersey 101.5, Jackson officers tell Young on Nov. 11 of last year that they got several calls — as did police from other departments — as he allegedly drove 40 miles from Rahway while under the influence of alcohol.

"So you sobered up a little bit more, to this point, where we found you," one of the officers says.

When officers confront him, they tell him they've gotten reports he almost hit a bus and other vehicles.

"I don't remember that," Young says. An officer replies, "I know. You probably wouldn't, man."

"I'm not that out of it," Young says.

When the cops tell Young he's urinated in his pants, he tells them, "No I didn't" — before following their instructions to take a look.

He's also seen in the video struggling through roadside tests, and eventually getting arrested. He asks the cops if they know he lives just up the road — but they say they can't let him go.

"I want to be very clear on this one point," one of the officers tells Young. "We're not making you retire sooner. You drove from Rahway to here. That's not a 5-minute ride."

And Young tells the officers: "No, I did it to myself."

A witness had called police about Young's erratic driving after seeing him almost hit the bus, according a police report obtained by MyCentralJersey.com.

Young's attorney, Matthew Reisig, released a statement to NJ.com saying his client was presumed innocent and that his firm "will aggressively defend his legal interests."

Rahway business administrator Cherron Rountree confirmed in an email to New Jersey 101.5 that Young was relieved of his duties as of Jan. 12. Rountree said Young informed the city that he would retire effective February 1.

Young has 28 years of service, and makes an annual salary of $172,731, according to state pension records

Rountree said Battallion Chief Michael Roberts has been named as the city's acting chief. State records show Roberts has 22 years of service and has been making a salary of $140,388.

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