Point Pleasant Beach and Jenkinsons reach a compromise that stops bars from closing at midnight.

Point Pleasant Beach Boardwalk
Flickr user: Wootang01

The Point Pleasant Beach Council voted unanimously Tuesday for a deal with Jenkinsons that calls for the town to repeal the midnight bar closing and revise the parking plan.

"The agreement is that Jenkinsons and their entities have agreed to drop all litigation against the borough and they have stepped up and offered to pay up to a million dollars to repair our boardwalk. FEMA will pay a portion of it as well," said Pt. Beach Mayor Vincent Barella.

Jenkinsons will also drop two lawsuits fighting the midnight last call.

"I am appreciative that they are helping to pay for the boardwalk repairs, that is very significant. There was a little give and take on this agreement, but in the end I think both sides are happy with it. When you have a common goal in getting the boardwalk up and running, it makes things a lot easier," said Barella.

He said he will introduce an ordinance in January to repeal the law requiring the bars to close at midnight.

"I'm confident that will pass and with these repairs the boardwalk will be open in time for Memorial Day weekend. The rides, the games, the fireworks, everything will be back and that is a great thing for the residents and tourists in New Jersey."

Jenkinsons and Martells Tiki Bar had sued the borough in May to stop the early closing.

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