The ongoing tale of Rocky the Bobcat took another twist when the 38 pound feline escaped yet again from its owner – only to be recaptured in a humane trap – and sent off to the Popcorn Park zoo.

Rocky’s owner, Ginny Fine of Beach Haven West, had agreed to place the bobcat – which had escaped a couple of previous times – in an enclosure.

However, Rocky, like a good many other bobcats, would not be held “prisoner” despite the loving care he’d been given by Fine.

Back in September, she’s vowed to make sure the bobcat would stay on her property or give it up to the zoo.

Apparently, if I’m reading the tealeaves correctly, it’s time.

Jersey law states that having a pure-bread bobcat is something she’d have to have a special permit to own – however Fine contends that the cat is a mix of bobcat and Maine Coon.

Whatever the breed, the cat would find a better home at the zoo, which has a great facility to make sure the animal is well cared for.

Besides, given the amount of money the woman’s spent in fines alone would be enough for her to want to hand it over to a facility that has the ability to care for it.

And the folks at the Popcorn Park Zoo are all compassionate, animal loving people.
I’ve been there. I know.

So Ginny, if you haven’t figured it out by now – despite the love you’ve given Rocky – true love would be letting him go.

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