And here I thought Rocky Balboa dies at the end of the last installment of the “Rocky” series.
Doesn’t he “blur” away after he leaves his wife’s graveside?

I thought that was the end of the series – but, oh no, I was wrong.
Why end a good thing after you’ve drained the life out of it?

And since Sylvester Stallone will be starring in another “Rambo” – this one entitled “Last Blood” (perhaps signifying the death of the immortal John Rambo) – “Rocky” won’t be going away anytime soon either.

Only this time, he’ll be cast in the role of trainer to the grandson of Apollo Creed (played by Carl Weathers) – whose character dies in Rocky IV (which, by the way, sucked!)

Anyway, “Adonis” Creed, the grandson, is being played by Michael B. Jordan, who you may recall being in last year’s low budget but highly acclaimed “Fruitvale Station.”

According to this: local actors and extras in the Philly and surrounding area are being sought for the shoot which should begin shortly.

Heery Casting is already looking for extras and stand-ins for the movie. Currently, they are looking for men to portray reporters with a Liverpool accent, boxers, a Filipina woman over the age of 40 for a specific role and other types who are local to Philadelphia and would like to be extras.

To ask whether or not the “Rocky” series may have “jumped the shark” is like asking whether or not a bear craps in the woods!

He’d already played a trainer in Rocky V – training the likes of Tommy Gunn (played by heavyweight boxer Tommy Morrison – who’d since died of AIDS) – and featuring his late son, Sage, Sage Stallone, who died of atherosclerosis, back in 2012.

One thing is for sure. This time Rocky’s not the one getting pounded like steak.
Although one can never leave out the obligatory running up and down the stairs of the Art Museum – sans the dog!