After hearing me talk about Governor Murphy offering to put 250 million dollars into property tax relief, an idea quashed by Senate President Steve Sweeney, Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick called in to offer his thoughts:

"It's like the twilight zone," Bramnick said. "What they do is they tell you 'send me some money, and I'm gonna send you money back.' It's like late night television...this is absurd. If you raise taxes, they'll give you some of your money back? That's insanity."

Part of the problem says Bramnick is these politicians have no experience running businesses.

"If you've never been out there and trying to make a living, it's very difficult to understand the impact no average people," Bramnick said. "Very few people there created, started their own business or have something that's unrelated to government."

Does Bramnick think Murphy is in over his head?

"That's the problem," Bramnick said. "When you [Murphy] have that much money, you have no connection to reality...he's made so much money that you can lose perspective."

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