If you never caught a What's Normal poll, think Gallup polls without the integrity.

When Bill and I come across three random, stupid things we disagree on as far as whether 'normal' people do or don't do them, we bet some money and take some calls. We always ask for people to be brutally honest in their answers, which can sometimes be hard when the questions are more personal and bizarre.

This time around, What's Normal was actually inspired by a guy I know named Greg at Amwell Tire and Auto in Hillsborough where I bring my car. He's a fan of the station and said, "Next time you guys do a What's Normal you should ask people to be honest enough to admit they smell their toenail clippings, cuz everyone does when clipping their toenails."

It's something I never thought about, but as soon as he said it I realized I've done it here and there. So I bring it up to Bill and he thought I was disgusting. Then we got to talking about some other things and voila, another What's Normal.

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-Jeff Deminski





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