The attraction between students and teachers has been inundating the news lately.
Unfortunately much of it criminal.

However in a different twist, the issue, albeit non-criminal, has gotten the attention of the editors of People Magazine.

They’ve named Union County native, Nicholas Ferroni, as their Sexiest Teacher Alive!

He says it has little to do with the fact that’s he’s a good looking guy, saying:

“I definitely feel like it was more or less because they wanted to celebrate an educator,” he said.

He’s actually on the cutting edge as a History teacher, as he’s turned his class “upside-down” by including more current topics such as racial and LGBT issues, which may seem controversial in public school.

He also makes sure his students are fully engaged by having his students face one another as opposed to having someone sit in the back of the class.

According to this piece: he is honored and feels like this exposure will give him a bigger platform to advocate for students, educators and education such as having started a campaign called #PreachWhatYouPractice where he is encouraging athletes and celebrities to stop endorsing unhealthy foods and drinks.

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

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