Every time an energy company wants to expand and update the transmission of fuel that an overwhelming majority of New Jerseyans use to heat their homes, cook their food and keep the lights on, someone raises an objection.

I spoke to a couple homeowners today about the proposed Penn East pipeline as well as the project spokesperson and the group fighting the company.  It seems that at least for one homeowner I spoke with the issue is that Penn East hasn't offered sufficient money to compensate them for the loss of land.

As far as the political opposition, it's always the same talking points. We don't need more natural gas, we need to focus on alternatives like solar and wind.  Ugh.

More than 80% of NJ homes are heated by natural gas.  Many more use gas for their clothes dryers, hot water and stoves.  Natural gas is a clean resource that has helped boost the local economy, create jobs and provide inexpensive fuel to a growing society.

Listen to the discussion and decide for yourself, but I'm more convinced than every that NJ needs more pipeline construction!

Here's Pat Kornick, Spokesperson for the PennEast Pipeline Project, explaining why the opposition is doing a disservice to NJ residents.

Later on in the discussion, Tom Gilbert, Campaign Manager for the NJ Conservation Foundation and Rethink Energy, called in to explain to Bill why his organization opposes the The PennEast Project.

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