There's no greater joy for a Beatles fan, or at least this one, then taking someone who has never seen McCartney perform before, to their first show. That's what I experienced when I took my 9-year- old sons, Lennon and Albert, to their first Paul McCartney concert last night at MetLife Stadium. Hopefully it was the first of many!

What's great about Paul's shows is that he can play for almost three hours and you know every song. Then he can come back with a three hour encore and you still know every song! My sons, having grown up on both Paul and The Beatles, knew every song. It was so great watching these boys watch the show. Paul inspired my boys to grow their hair long and learn to play guitar and drums.

Paul usually throws in a few “new” songs, ones that he doesn't normally play in each show and on this tour he's been opening with “A Hard Days Night.” Perfect start to an incredible night! Among the seldom played Beatle chestnuts were “Here There and Everywhere,” “If You Won't See Me,” “Love Me Do,” and I've Got A Feeling” with a new jam at the end. He even played “And I Love Her” which was the song my wife and I got married to. It was a real special moment as we sat there with our boys.

At one point Paul remarked, “We know what you like, when we play an old Beatle song the house rocks, then when we play something new, it's like the black hole.” Can you take the hint Paul?

The only problem I had was when he greeted the audience by “New York” and then “New Jersey.” He did it twice at the beginning and I thought, “seriously Paul, you play Citifield and Madison Square Garden, surely you can give Jersey its due since we're making you a lot of money tonight!"

Paul did acknowledge that his wife Nancy, a “Jersey Girl,” was in the audience then dedicated “My Valentine” to her. He also took a poll asking how many people in the place were from New York, New Jersey, or somewhere else. Jersey got the loudest response by far.

One thing that happens at Paul McCartney concerts is that grown men cry, and for me, that moment came at the end when he finished the encore with the Golden Slumbers medley. That gets me every time!

All in all, I thought the show was great and as I'm watching this 74-year-old icon make over 70,000 people feel like they were in his living room, talking about John Lennon before playing the song he wrote about his friend “Here Today,” and George Harrison by covering “Something” on ukulele, I'm hoping that he never stops carrying the torch or should I say torch songs of both he and the Beatles!

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