Following reports on Gawker that Gov. Chris Christie was kicked off the quiet car on an Amtrak train Sunday morning for speaking too loudly during a phone call, at least one passenger who was on the train says the NJ governor was actually "super courteous" during the alleged incident.

According to the website, Christie was en route to New York for an appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation," when he began yelling at two members of his security detail over a mix-up in seating. The report indicates that the governor then began making phone calls and spoke loudly until a conductor asked him to quiet down or leave the car.


Blogger Katie Klabusich, who was on the car as well, disputes the Gawker story.

In her tweets regarding the incident, Klabusich said that while the governor did seem annoyed as a result of the failed logistics regarding seating, he was "hardly" yelling.

"When the conductor came by to check tickets he just said 'sir, this is the quiet car. CC had the same reaction as anyone: 'You're kidding. It's the quiet car? Alright' & to the phone 'I gotta go, I'm in the quiet car. Call you back,'" Klabusich tweeted.

Christie campaign spokesman Sam Smith later issued an apology tweeted by CNN's Ashley Killough.

Dan Alexander contributed to this report.

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