A United flight with a passenger on board who claims to have "poisoned everyone on board" has landed at Newark Liberty Airport and the passenger escorted off the plane in handcuffs.

Passenger who claimed to have poisoned everyone on board a United flight from Hong Kong to Newark is escorted off the plane (Twitter)WABC TV reports the man had been restrained by passengers and there was evidence of anyone on board being sick so the flight continued to Newark.

He was wearing a blue hoodie when taken off the plane and placed in an ambulance.

Several dozen FBI agents and Port Authority Police approached the plane once it landed. A hook and ladder truck was also nearby.

University of San Francisco student Merrill Amos tells The Associated Press than more than a couple dozen police and emergency vehicles were on the tarmac. She says she saw a staircase pulled up to the plane and an ambulance nearby.

Amos said she saw authorities "dragging" a man she assumed was the passenger in question down the stairs and into a white SUV. "He wasn't passed-out limp, but he looked very sluggish," Amos said.

The Star Ledger reports the man kept saying his name was "Daniel Perry Morgan," he had information about the NSA's surveillance program and he was afraid for life. He wanted the plane to be diverted to Canada.

When he reached into his pocket several passengers tackled him to the ground and the flight crew put plastic handcuffs on him.

The Center for Disease Control gave the planes's passengers and the suspect clean bills of health. The plane then taxied to the gate to allow the rest of the 238 passengers to get off, she said.


United Airlines flight with passenger who claims to have poisoned everyone on board lands at Newark-Liberty Airport (Twitter)